What Our Students Are Saying… 

Listen to what some of our past students had to say about their trading results after completing their options training with Stock Option Coach:

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“I turned my $10,000 account into a little over $50,000 in six months using the methodology I learned from my training with the Stock Option Coach.”

Michael (Texas)

“I made over $62,000 on two PCLN trades in the 1st two months after finishing the course. Randall’s proprietary methodology was the missing ingredient in my trading.”

Thoi (Minnesota)

“I’m back at it with the gap, Coach… it exploded up this morning, took home a $7,000 profit this morning. Thank you for showing me this technique!” 

Brandon (California)

“The Stock Option Coach training is a comprehensive trading plan that is way easy to learn & easy to implement. It provides a specific way to enter and exit a trade. In addition, it gives you a way to minimize loss which is the key to successful trading. I highly recommend you take the course if you want to supercharge your stock trading.”

Tony (Indiana)

“Thanks for the Jesse Livermore quote you sent me a couple of days ago. I’m still in NFLX 113 calls for next week, have 10 contracts and up around 300% at the moment. Going to be a huge trade for me. Really get my account jump started!”

Mike (Minnesota)

“Thanks, Coach! I bought a $4 call option on Google earnings and sold it two days later for $51 for a 1,175% return!” “Got into an Amazon $440 put this morning at $1.28, got out at $4! Why can’t they all be this easy?”

Raj (California)

“Having a real good day Coach. Today is the biggest pay day I’ve had. Up over $20k today!  Thanks so much.  I knew I could do this if someone showed me how.  You’re a great teacher!”

Tom (Virginia)

“The most important thing I learned from the Stock Option Coach training program was how to keep my losses small and knowing when to get in and out of a trade. Without that knowledge, I was lost prior to taking the course.”

Derek (Texas)

“I wanted to thank you again for teaching me a way to finally begin trading! I already feel like my life is going to change. You really make this simple, you’re a great teacher. I truly appreciate all you’ve shown me.  I hope to meet you in person one day so on.  I’m looking forward to the next year working with you.”

Tom (Virginia)

“Hey Coach!  Hope you had a good skip trip!. Back at it again with a $2,065 profit in under 37 minutes, QQQ short.”

David (Arizona)

“Hey Coach! another great day on the gap, $1,000+ profit on the that QQQ put trade.  In total, made a little over $6000 this week!  Have a great week Randall”

Brandon (California)

“I got out of my IWM position. Being up 5 days in a row and today would be 6.  I am going to wait for a small pullback to get back in.  My position expired on Friday so i took the 200% gain.”

Mike (Minnesota)

“Made $990 on the NQ Futures in 6 months.  Off to the gym!!”

David (Arizona)

“Great. $2,500 dollar day today just from a phone and on vacation.”

Mike (Colorado)

$4,500 morning… I decided to take my profits and go play polo this afternoon…”

Sam (Massachusetts)

” I saw the chart setup and made my first trade.  I am up almost 70%, not bad.  Very ecxited!!!

Andrew (Maryland)

“Made $870 on the CMG Bet :)”

Chris (Guam)

“Had a great day trading the Nasdaq futures.  Made $1600 before commissions.”

David (Arizona)

“When is the next lesson – I know I can improve – banked $2k today.”

Mark (Idaho)

“Made another $150 on QQQ.  Up $380 for today.”

Mukesh (New Hampshire)

“In a trade currently on GOOGL which is up over $1000 profit.”

David (Arizona)

“Coach,  I made $130 in and out in 15 min.”

Mukesh (New Hampshire)

“$455.00 profit and I’m out – have a good day Coach – reminder the FED Minutes are being released at 11AM our time today.”

Brandon (Los Angeles)

“Coach!! I was patient, I didn’t raise my stop and stayed in the game. I made $400 dollars today! Yes!”

Debbie (California)

“I stuck with my plan, sold the NFLX with shorter expiration, realizing a $5.30 profit… raised stop on the longer term options which stopped out for  a profit of $1.75… a huge trade overall for me.”

Sam (Massachusetts)

“Coach – cha ching!  I took a quick 50% profit on BABA at the 50 DMA (on the 30 min chart).”


“Good morning Coach.  I ended up getting out of my Disney positions. Still in QQQ… also found a nice setup on PNRA this morning… good day overall. Followed the rules and at the end of day I made about $2000.”

Sam (Massachusetts)

“Six trades, four profitable – total profit of $138 (b4 the dreaded commish) – things are coming along!”

Mark (Idaho)

“By the way, bought some $122 FB calls that expire Friday for .25 yesterday, and sold them at $1.35 today!”

Raj (Minnesota)

“Hey Coach! Got em on the gap today QQQ’s.  $3000 + profit, not bad for 2-3 hours of work ;)”

Brandon (California)

“The Stock Option Coach teaches you to trade so you are not depedent on someone else or a monthly service.  The training course is a one-on-one, individualized stock learning experience.  The training course can be done in the comfort of your own home or whenever is convenient for your own schedule.  It is perfect for a range of levels, from beginner to advanced.”

Pam (Illinois)