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Meet Hershell Walker
Hershell began his Day Trading Mastery program back in April of 2019 with the major goal of never going back to his old job as a mechanical engineer. 

He stayed committed to the learning process, followed the training exactly as it is laid out, and as a result he is achieving the types of results he once never thought possible. 

See what Hershell had to say about his Day Trading Mastery experience...
"These skills are amazing... left some money on the table, but I'm still new. Making half of your salary in a few days is crazy!"
Hershell D. (GA)
“I turned my $10,000 account into a little over $50,000 in six months using the methodology I learned from my training with the Stock Option Coach.”
Michael K. (TX)
"WOW! Biggest trade of my life! In & out for $2,009 in 20 minutes! YAHOOO!"
Nathan P. (CO)
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Actual Trading Results from DTM Students
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