Free Online Training For Struggling Day Traders

The 3 Fundamental Keys You Need To

Day Trade Options Profitably For A Living

(Discover Exactly How To Cash In Using Leverage)

Here’s what you’ll discover during this training:
  • The little-known group of 5 “super-stocks” hedge funds love. These will provide all the profit (and price action) you need. Never go hunting for stocks again!
  • How to easily limit losses on your losing trades automatically. So you can start focusing on winners!
  • Why you don’t need a $25,000 account to trade options. I’ll show you how to get around the FINRA “Pattern Day Trade” rule. Get started with far less and make as many trades a day as you want.
  • Why you only need 3-5 trades a day (maximum) to make a living at this.
  • The best three hours of the day where all the big moves happen!

Featured Presenter

Randall Hudgens

Founder of Stock Option Coach

Randall has over 40 years of trading experience. He’s been a full-time professional options trader for the last decade. Students have paid up to $20,000 to train with him in person (at his house in Santa Barbara), from countries as far away as Sweden. Outside of trading he likes to work on his golf swing and spend time with his Grandson.