Stock Option Coach


Learn the 3 Keys To Day Trading Stocks & Indexes Using Options For Massive Leverage!

If you qualify, you will learn my repeatable, simple methodology so you can stay with one method and build on that for the rest of your trading life! This training is geared towards the business owners & professionals who can bring a winning mindset! 

What You Will Learn On This Free Masterclass:

Lesson #1

Learn the 3 Keys to Winning with Stocks & Indexes (we only use Options for leverage)

Lesson #2

Institutions Move Stock Prices Up & Down – Learn How You Can Get In Sync With Them!

Lesson #3

Learn How to Use Price Action, Manage Risk, & How to Ride the Winning Trades!

Meet the Coach

I’m Randall, the founder of Stock Option Coach… the creator of a world-class trading strategy!

I have created a simple & repeatable trading strategy based on the big movements of super-stocks that are created by the buying & selling of the colossal Wall St. hedge funds.

After reading a dozen books on the stock market, and being thoroughly confused, I began trading. It was 1979, I was 28 years old & a superintendent at a concrete company. I was trading a $30,000 (inheritance) account at Merrill Lynch with Phil Christian, my broker who had just got his securities license. What could possibly go wrong?  

,Well, to my surprise, I achieved a 400% + return that pushed my account to over $152,000 in my 1st year. I traded only one stock using options for leverage as my small account was not big enough to trade a high flyer stock like Tandy. And it exploded up again & again. I was hooked! (Tandy had invented the TRS-80 computer while Steve Jobs was creating Apple) 

But the next few years were rocky, so I took the funds and started a real estate business building homes & buying rental properties. My love of trading kept me throwing money at the market, and slowly but surely, my trading methodology continued to evolve over the next 25 years. And 10,000+ trades later, a strategy emerged. A simple, repeatable strategy that I have been using full-time for the last 12 years (and have not changed a single thing). As Jed Clampett famously said: “We loaded up the truck & moved to Beverly. Hills, that is.” Actually we landed in Santa Barbara as the kids were going to college at UCSB. To learn more: Just click the orange button that says: “Click to Watch Masterclass Now.”  

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Sign up now to watch my Masterclass.. I guarantee it will give you a different view of the markets and will leave you in better shape than I found you. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the same results. And if you keep chasing new strategies year after year, you’ll just wear yourself out.