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Here’s what you’ll discover during this Masterclass training:

  • Why stocks move and how to read price action. You’ll learn the secret supply & demand generated by the $3.3 Trillion that the Hedge Funds move in and out of the market every day & why it is so important!
  • You’ll understand why trading certain indexes & large stocks are the way to generate steady profits from the market and how you can easily do this with a $10,000 account. Think option leverage! Then you can stop scanning forever!
  • How to easily limit losses on your losing trades automatically so you can start focusing on winners & never blow up an account again!
  • Why you don’t need a $25,000 account to day trade trade options. I’ll show you how to make a simple change to your account so you can make as many trades a day as you want and stop having to deal with the FINRA “Pattern Day Trade” rule.
  • Why you only need 3-5 trades a day (maximum) to make a living at this.
  • The best three hours of the day where all the big moves happen!
  • I’ll give you one of my patented tools for catching market turns in a correction for free. I’ll demonstrate how it works step by step and you will never miss a major market turn again!



Randall E Hudgens

Randall has over 40 years of trading experience. He’s been a full-time professional options trader for the last decade and he’s passionate about showing students how to win big at trading and in life. He reached all his financial goals in his 1st career as a Real Estate developer and high-end home builder and then moved his focus and talent to trading.

He is unique in this industry full of hustlers & marginal people in that he chooses to teach & create winning traders not because he has to, but because he truly wants to share his knowledge & skills so others can live up to their potential! In his mind, it’s never a new “customer” but rather a new friend. And yes, many have flown in to hang out with him for the day & have dinner, and sometimes a round of golf. 

He calls his students the “SOC family” because he treats them like family and you can feel it when reading the testimonials. He has taught traders of every description and students have come from as far away as Sweden to train with him in person at his home in Santa Barbara, CA. but fortunately you can also train online these days. And when he’s not trading & teaching, you can find him snow skiing, flying his plane, or working on his golf swing and of course, spending time with his family & new Grandson.