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  • Our private one-on-one training program uses rule-based indicators which provide low-risk setups that repeat. With our methodology, you will learn to trade options for a living.
  • We’ll show you how to spot setups you can take easily and with total confidence.
  • Get the EDGE that everyone is looking for. Our students sure have. Check out what they have to say by clicking here. 
  • Tired of losing & ready to start winning? We are here to help. We want to help you take control of your destiny and achieve the profits you’ve alway desired!
Free 20-minute training session includes:

  • Trading strategy & chart analysis Coach uses to record profits time and time again.
  • Actual trading statements proving Coach is the real deal.
  • Tricks & techniques only pro’s know that will benefit you, whether you train or not.
Tired Of Your Complicated Options Strategies?
Learn my SIMPLE 3-step options trading strategy!

What Our Students Are Saying…

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“I turned my $10,000 account into a little over $50,000 in six months using the methodology I learned from my training with the Stock Option Coach.”

Michael K. (Austin, TX)

“I made over $62,000 on two PCLN trades in the 1st two months after finishing the course. Randall’s proprietary methodology was the missing ingredient in my trading.”

Thoi D. (Des Moines, IA)

“I’m back at it with the gap, Coach… it exploded up this morning, took home a $7,000 profit this morning. Thank you for showing me this technique!”

Brandon N (Los Angeles, CA)

“Having a real good day Coach. Today is the biggest pay day I’ve had. Up over $20k today!  Thanks so much.  I knew I could do this if someone showed me how.  You’re a great teacher!”

Tom N. (Warrenton, VA)

Trading options Does NOT have to be complicated. pERIOD.

Learn our simple & repeatable trading strategy without the headaches!

Learn to Trade Options for a Living!

As your Mentor, I fit the training to you.  

Whether you want to be a day trader, swing trader, or build your retirement fund, I customize the training program to match your goals.

Four reasons my options training course is one-of-a-kind.

#1 – Private One on One style training with support for three months. Train Online or at my home in Santa Barbara, CA.

The initial training is split into 2 sessions totaling 8 to 10 hours of live instruction. I teach each session personally, you won’t be passed off to a hired hand.  You will learn a very repeatable, effective methodology that triggers a setup every time a stock corrects along with how to manage risk. This is not a break-out or outdated cup & handle method.

#2Your TC2000 charting software will be set up with our proprietary indicators. The combination of our indicators plus pattern recognition guarantee you will never look at a chart the same way again!

You will learn everything I have learned over the 35 years of options trading, and everything that I use daily. Nothing is held back. There is no down the road advanced course. By the end of the training, you will learn to buy where professionals buy (aka when a stock pulls back to an attractive entry point) rather than chasing price.  You will know exactly which stocks to trade, when to enter & how to enter each position, and you won’t have a single doubt of which strike price to buy or how to manage your trades… everything is covered in detail.

#3 – I offer the best Support in the industry as you will receive support for three months.

During trading hours, we use software that lets the student clip & send any charts that they may have a question on and get an immediate answer. If you have questions that can only be discussed by phone, you will have phone access to me after trading hours. 

#4 – I only take on a limited number of students which allows me the time to support my students. 

You will also receive a Trading Log to record each of your trades so I can review it to fine tune your trading if need be, along with other support material.  

Learn How to Day Trade Options w/ Stock Option Coach!

“If you are fortunate enough to train with Randall,  you will succeed. He will simplify the chaotic  world of options and put you on a clear path for  consistent returns. I left my six-figure corporate job less than two days after we met. He clarified all the nonsense and put me on a clear path, all while supporting me and educating me throughout the process.

If you crave more, that sense of needing to know more, Randal is your guy. He is a shark of an investor and an amazing person overall; always answering your calls and questions immediately. I couldn’t have possibly hoped for a better mentor; someone who has helped me trade for a living and enjoy all the beautiful things in life you miss with your head in the office.”

Brandon from California

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Learn How to Day Trade Options

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How does the Stock Option Coach Methodology work?

My methodology combines a small number of proprietary indicators and pattern recognition to identify setup after setup.  You can apply my method to any chart in seconds and know whether to buy, sell, or do nothing.  Sound too simple?  Don’t let your past experiences cloud your ability to see that  there are a small number of traders out there who consistently beat the market.

How many books have you read only trading only to find out that you are no closer to successful trading than before?

The Stock Option Coach Methodology gives you the tools necessary to easily identify low-risk setups.  Trading is nothing more than a game of probabilities.  The Stock Option Coach methodology identifies setups that put the odds in your favor.  

What do you need to win in today’s volatile stock market?

First of all, you need a repeatable methodology that works. In addition, you need strict risk management, and most importantly ongoing support.  Like most new traders, you have probably tried a seminar, maybe an online course, chat room, or a newsletter, but found that the teaching was not practical and could not be applied to the real world of trading. Or maybe you have tried dozens of indicators, ie the Elliot Wave, or a black box system, and yet you still haven’t found any consistent success.

If you are a dedicated trader and truly want to learn to trade options for a living, what you really need is not a new indicator, but a new approach. To become a successful trader you need a new perspective on the market, the tools to make that a reality, and a stock options mentor to guide you down the path to success.

What is the advantage of having the Stock Option Coach over a chatroom, newsletter, or seminar?

I can assure you that having me as a mentor will move you ahead by leaps and bounds compared to books, videos, and seminars. The problem with being self-taught is it is a very, very long, bumpy road with no guarantee that you will find success.

You can waste years as I did while trying everything under the sun, or you can get a coach that will produce results and guide you on your quest to trading for a living. Most importantly, there is no substitute for having your questions answered in real time by a professional trader. You can always call me direct and get an answer to your trading questions.

Did you receive any training for the current job you have?

When I was trained to be a pilot, the flight school provided a fully trained professional pilot to mentor me.  As a result of having a mentor, and step-by-step, my skillset grew to the point that I was able to fly safely on my own and achieve one of my dreams.  The Stock Option Coach provides the same step-by-step guidance necessary to become a successful trader.  No trader has ever reached their trading goal from a two-day seminar, video course, or 60-video library.

Is this a get rich quick course?

No! Learning to trade successfully takes work and dedication as does any worthwhile goal, but the cost is well worth the price.  I will guide you along this path so you can develop into the trader you have always envisioned.

Just like every gorgeous custom home I built, it all started with a solid foundation. And like building a house, there are basic skills and a specific process that must be learned in order to achieve the results you expect. Give me a call, I will help you learn to Trade Options for a Living.

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