Get to know the Coach

Randall Hudgens

A little about my history:

Prior to trading for a living, I was a successful custom home builder and real estate investor for over 30 years.

I built & sold over $40 million of speculative homes in the most affluent neighborhoods in Houston, TX and I owned 84 rental homes, land, and other real estate investments.

During that time, I also raised two amazing and talented kids!

After selling my building business, my next adventure was full-time trading and I approached this business with the same passion as my other enterprises.

My fascination with trading actually started in 1979, trading part-time with a $30,000 options account.

I achieved a 400% return that year on my account for a gain of $120,000 mostly trading one stock that was exploding up. I was hooked!

Turned out though that my “trading genius” was luck driven, as I happened to be in a hot stock in a bull market.

A trained monkey could have made money! The next year I started losing my capital so I stopped trading and used the funds to start a real estate and building business.

I’ve been asked why I teach if I make good money and live in one of the nicest places in the country

Fair enough question. It’s a two-part answer.

For one, I had many bad experiences through the years with so called “experts”, newsletter gurus, book authors (most are not real traders), and lost a good deal of money on the garbage they were selling.

I also attended numerous seminars looking for the Holy Grail of trading, bought “black box” software systems guaranteed to make you wealthy, and basically tried what many of you have in the search for trading success…

This alone motivates me but first I have to tell you I do not teach full time and have no plans to. 

I teach on a limited basis only after the market closes, preferring the passionate options student who is determined to win.

In addition, I also strongly believe my trading methodology and options training offers traders a lot of value in the same vein that I built million dollar plus homes for thirty years.

The homes were the absolute best I could build, with my motto always being it was built as if my own family was going to move in.

And two, I became wealthy from my real estate business and live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country (Santa Barbara), but still a man can only play so much golf. This is more about me giving back.

“I turned my $10,000 account into a little over $50,000 in six months using the methodology I learned from my training with the Stock Option Coach.”
Michel K. (Austin TX)

“I’m back at it with the gap, Coach… it exploded up this morning, took home a $7,000 profit this morning! Thank you for showing me this technique.” 

Brandon (Los Angeles, CA)

“I made over $62,000 on two PCLN trades in the 1st two months after finishing the course. Randall’s proprietary methodology was the missing ingredient in my trading.”

Thoi D. (Des Moines, IA)

Innovative Trading Strategies

You will find multiple entries everyday using the SOC setups.

Timely Support

Clip a screen shot and send it to Coach via Evernote, and get answers to your questions in real time.

Advanced Technology

We use the leading stock charting software with our proprietary indicators.

You are connnected to your Mentor everyday.

Not sure if you’ve spotted a proper entry? Just give Coach a call via his direct line. No one else offers this!

Do you currently feel that options trading is a complex, confusing place with enormous amounts of misinformation, making it extremely difficult to learn?

If you do, you’re not alone. Here are a few of the common questions I get from traders: 

  • What indicators are the most consistent?
  • Why doesn’t selling options work?
    How do I build a trading plan I can follow?
  • Why can’t I find consistent low-risk setups?
  • What size account do I need to start with?
  • How much do I risk on each trade?
  • Why can’t I just get out of a losing trade?
  • Does day trading give you an advantage?
  • Should I trade indexes or individual stocks?
  • Should I just buy calls in a Bull Market?
  • Why do I need options training?
  • What strike price works best?
  • What expiration date works best?
  • Why can’t I control my losses?
  • How long does it take to succeed in this business?

I can answer all those questions for you in a 20-minute live Options training session.

Call me for a schedule of available times! 

Do you find yourself watching financial news shows, reading online market news, or following Twitter and StockTwits looking for that next big trade, all without the results you were looking for?

What if you could learn a method to identify setups you take every time without hesitation using a set of proprietary indicators? 

Something simple, but elegant.

Repeatable. Rule Based.

You just might find yourself in agreement with the market instead of at war with the market. The markets are always telling the truth and if you will let go of your ego and the need to be right, then with a good trading plan and methodology all you have to do is follow price to find success. 

Is trading a dream job?  

You bet. Trading your own account, being your own boss, is the greatest business in the world.
You have unlimited upside and don’t need employees, insurance, banks, suppliers, lawyers, office space, licenses, etc. You have the freedom to work when you want and you choose the location.  With an internet connection and a laptop you can pretty much work where you want.

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