Tired of Buying Trading Courses           from Marketers and Gurus?

You’ve come to the right place.

What Stock Option Coach is All About

What if there was a proven blueprint you could follow step by step to become a profitable trader? What if you learned a simple, powerful formula combined with mental toughness that you could use every day to win in the markets. Stocks, stock options, futures, crypto. What if you learned to successfully trade anything with a chart?

You can.

What if you used options for leverage… so you can trade the leading stocks that make the big moves which generate billions of dollars of profits every year on Wall Street? 

You can..

Our proven blueprint teaches traders to:

1. Look at any stock/index/futures chart and know whether to buy, sell, or do nothing (in just 10 seconds or less) and be able to repeat this process everyday for the rest of their life. 

2. Never risk more than 1% per trade… say goodbye to big losses and the emotional rollercoaster of hanging onto losing trades! Forever!

 3. Use our patented trade management tools… so you can hang onto winning trades and maximize your ROI.

You will learn to use these fundamental trading skills that Wall Street uses everyday in less than two weeks as you train and practice.

Contrary to what you might think, there is a uncomplicated, proven way to trade profitably and generate consistent winners.

Our timeless strategy works in both bull and bear markets, and will never go out of style. 

When I say this is the last course you will ever take, I mean it!  

My name is Randall Hudgens and I am the founder of Stock Option Coach.

At Stock Option Coach, I will personally guide you up the skill set ladder, step by step, so you can reach your goal of becoming a winning trader.

You will learn to generate consistent profits with confidence

This is not your typical training course, seminar, or chat room. Actually, it is the polar opposite of all that. 

You already know watching YouTube videos, hanging out in chat rooms,  and scrolling through never ending news feeds won’t lead you down the path to become a winning trader.

Reading another book, signing up for a trade service, or writing another check for another “guru” seminar will not get you to the promised land.

When you hire Stock Option Coach, you are putting a professional trader in your pocket. And there are no hired “coaches” in our support department. You get me. I have 41 years of trading experience and I’m also a successful entrepreneur who has owned & run 3 companies. One of them did over $100 Mil in sales per year. I know how to get results. 

And think of it as gaining a trading coach, life coach, mental coach, & your biggest cheerleader!   

Long story short, I’m successful & I want you to succeed as well.  

Want to become a directional trader?

Learn how we use leverage to trade options (for maximum upside)
…without risking more than 1% on any trade!