Stock Option Coach

Training is everything! All athletes have a Coach. All successful business owners have a mentor. Proper Training. Practice. Get better every day. This is how all skill sets are learned. If you want “trading” to be your new skill set, I’ll teach you my simple but powerful, repeatable system. And then show you how to trade from a place of confidence. Every day.

Navy Seals have a saying – “We don’t rise the the level of our hopes, we fall to the level of our training.”

What Stock Option Coach is All About

First, don’t let our name fool you. The options part is only for leverage. If you have the account size, you don’t need options. I teach traders how to navigate the markets on a daily basis as a day trader, or less frequently as a swing trader. Some will do both. But all who train with me will know how to trade any stock, index, future, or crypto. One superior method, with the training & support to back it all up, giving you the skills to be successful. 

This is done by using a combination of a “live” training class and then following up with 1-on-1 zoom calls with me so that you build up a foundation skill set that you can use for life. No rookie “instructors” here. I do the teaching. 

Learning to trade and invest successfully is not any different from becoming a licensed pilot. One strategy. One skill. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what most do in the markets. For example, a licensed pilot can fly different brands of aircraft (think different stocks, indexes, etc.) because the physics of flying do not change. Different aircraft, same skill set. If you are a trained trader and investor, you know how to win in the markets. Btw, I’ve been a licensed pilot for over 50 years. And my trading experience goes back over 42 years. Both are learned skill sets. And they were not learned from YouTube, Chat rooms, Seminars, Books.. You get the idea…   


I started Stock Option Coach because I believe anyone can learn to trade successfully. All traders have experienced winning trades at some point. So, why do so many fail?  Because at the end of the month or year, the professional trader has “averaged more on his winning trades, than he averaged on his losing trades.” It’s that simple. Learning how to create a 3:1 ratio that all Legend traders have achieved, is kept private between the pro’s and the Hedge Fund crowd. 

Don’t be a “System collector” like most traders. I’ll give you a “Lifetime License” to use my proven methodology, teach you how to use it effectively, and then teach you the mental skills that are so critical to a winning trader. I have four decades of trading experience as well as a business background (most have none). One of my companies annual revenue was over $100 Million.

What My Training Will Teach You

I teach traders how to catch explosive turns while only trading a small group of stocks & indexes. How does this work? You first learn to use our simple, but powerful Trademarked Indicator that will tell you when you are in either a “Buy or Sell Zone.” We call this the “Launch zone.” This puts you on alert that the odds are now in your favor of a turn & a potential winning trade. 

Next you will learn our 3-Signals which are made up of “next level” use of support/resistance & moving averages, where 90% of all turns happen. Along with our famous “Reversal bar”. Just 1 Indicator and 3 simple Signals is all you need to take a setup & start winning.  And you only need to pair up One of the 3 Signals with our Proprietary Indicator to have a “Setup” & 70% odds of a winning trade. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year! I’ve been using this method for over 10 years without needing to make any changes!


It is the simplest, most repeatable way to trade every day there is.
Our proprietary Indicator shows you when you are in the Launch Zone, either the Buy or Sell zone, and then you only need one of the three signals for a Setup. This is what we refer to as a “Setup” because it gives you approximately 70% odds of a winning trade every time. 
After the Setup and Entry, using TC2000 charting software (which we set up for you) there will be an automatic stop in place so that you are ONLY risking a maximum of 1% of your account on any one trade. This is what the pro’s do. Every single time you click buy or sell, you will have an automatic stop attached to that trade. No more emotional trading! No more big losses and revenge trading! This also allows you to focus on the mental aspects.
Then you will use our “Trade Management” training showing you three easy ways to gauge where to exit the trade giving you the maximum profit on a trade. Remember, no one can read the future, so no one on the planet knows where any given trade will stop & retrace, but our this method is the same as the Hedge Funds use to maximize the profit on a trade. 
How good is my methodology? It’s Trademarked & Copyrighted. 
 But in the final analysis, it comes down to finding someone you can trust! Not sure about me? Fly out & meet me in person, or drive over if you live in California. Most of my students trained at my home prior to the Pandemic (this is unheard of in this business).