Want to be a Profitable Option Trader?


I am unlike any other training service. Period.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Reason #1

I am a Professional Trader and I trade full time. I only teach passionate traders after trading hours!

And they have to qualify (this is not based on experience as most traders have lots of baggage to ditch).

I don’t write books, sell video training, or give seminars for a living (I don’t need to)!Join & learn the exact SOC methodology I use every day. Take action. What will your life look like in 10 yrs if you don’t?

Remember, you can’t steal 2nd if you don’t take your foot off 1st base! (This will not apply to you if you’ve already reached your financial goals & live exactly where you always dreamed of living)

Reason #2

You can come to my home in Santa Barbara, CA. for training (or online if you prefer), where you are trained by me, not a contract instructor who may not even be a professional trader.

Would I really invite traders to my beautiful home in Santa Barbara if I could not teach them how to win in the markets? I would have to be nuts!

It’s why no one else in the industry does this! NO ONE! Are you ready to learn a simple, repeatable method with strict risk control so you can become a full-time trader? I’ll teach you to trade anything with a chart. Stocks, Futures, you name it.

Either you know how to trade or you don’t. Do you use a different method to drive when you borrow a friend’s car? Didn’t think so.

Reason #3

I will show your actual trading statements that prove I know how to generate substantial profits from rule-based options trading.

But I also have a proven background in business with a successful 30-year track record building million dollar dream homes & operating my own real estate investment company (I didn’t wake up one day as a trading guru).

I’m not talking about some bogus “worked on Wall St” background story. I actually succeeded in business with my own companies over a 30 year period. You may have noticed successful people ten to succeed in whatever they try.

They do certain things a certain way. Sound too simple? (not to business owners)

Reason #4

I offer the best support in the industry. Students get three months of my personal support because you cannot master training by reading a book, taking a seminar,  joining a chat room, or watching endless trading videos.

You need a mentor! What if you could clip a screenshot and send it to me with a question in real time! You can if you become a member. All my students have that luxury! It’s the only way to build a superior skill set!

Reason #5

I started trading in 1978 (40 yrs ago) & I turned $30,000 into over $150,000 with directional stock trading using options for leverage.

I still trade the same today! Of all the services out there that want your money, few (if any) can say that.

Remember, 200 traders in a seminar cannot all ask questions, meaning they will NOT even be engaged in the learning process they paid for.

Reason #6

You should use this same criteria to screen any potential teacher, academy, or seminar/video course who wants your money!

What do you need to qualify & start training?

You need: 1) to be able to follow the training (be teachable) 2) be disciplined so you can follow the risk profile 3) have a winning (good) attitude!

You won't find another service out there like mine.

Discover why this is an investment in your future:  (805) 837-9211.

Master the Art of Options Trading

I Offer the Best Options Training and Support in the Industry.

This is the last options trading course you will ever need to take.

Best Online Options Trading Course

Private Mentoring

Training classes are offered once a month in a small group of 3-5 students, with 5 students being the maximum in order to maintain the superior 1-on-1 learning environment.

You can ask ALL the questions you want!

In-person training at my home is available upon request. Call for pricing. (It’s the same training that is done online)

Learn a repeatable, effective methodology that produces setups putting the odds of success in your favor.

After training, you will never look at a chart the same way again!

Learn a risk strategy to get you out of losing trades quickly, so you are focused on managing winning trades. Not praying that losing trades will turn around (you’ve seen that movie).

Day Trading Online Training

Customized Training

The training will be to fit your experience level to ensure you receive 100% of the training we offer. We actually care about your success!

Look, trading is a game of probabilities (setups), risk management, and managing winning trades. Not news & opinions (guesses).

You will learn a proven way to use simple, straight-forward technical analysis combined with a winning psychology that will give you the winning edge you’ve been searching for.

Learn to take setups with confidence & trade without anxiety, hesitation, or fear!

You will be taught by me, not a hired instructor or assistant. And not by the latest book guru who makes his living from books & seminars!

Learn Day Trading Online

3 Months of Support

You will have a mentor and professional trader in your pocket for three months.

You will get CONSTANT feedback & support so you can go from Level I to Level II & so on.
You can’t learn a skill set that can make you wealthy in a seminar environment.

Most have already tried & proved to themselves it does not work. We teach you step by step with support!

You learned to ride a bike and drive a car one on one with someone who knew how. I learned to fly a plane that way. Can you take a flying seminar or watch a video & go fly? (Please don’t try this – it won’t end well).

You will have access to me during trading hours to be able to ask questions & get feedback. My students don’t need to be spoon-fed trades. They take setups and manage winners (or cut losers quickly).

We have several other ways we support you. Contact us for details!

Sign up now for your FREE 20-minute consultation & training session with Coach.

I can show you a demonstration of the training and actual trading statements to prove I make money trading options.
Why choose Stock Option Coach?

Because I am not a giant trading academy or seminar guru that won’t remember you three months down the road… 

I actually get to know students who train with me… shocking, right?

Many students have even come to my home for dinner, or to play a round of 9 at one of Santa Barbara’s beautiful golf courses, and of course some good ol’ trading talk… (that’s not very common in this industry from my experience)

Are you ready to join our little band of skilled traders? 

For the traders out there who are passionate about learning to trade stocks or stock options, come and train with me at my beautiful home in Santa Barbara, CA.

If that is not possible, I offer one-on-one Online Training that will teach you my unique, powerful methodology from the comfort of your own home. The training covers everything you need to trade stocks and stock options successfully and generate consistent profits with confidence. This is not your average online streaming video course, seminar, or chat room. Actually, it is the polar opposite of all that. Why? Because you don’t get trained to succeed at something this valuable watching a YouTube video, attending a seminar, or subscribing to market service claiming to feed you winning trades. Nor by reading books. I know, I read over 100 books on trading and still could not generate wealth from trading. All professional traders were trained by a mentor. Read Market Wizards and you will find they ALL had mentors. If you got hired at a Hedge Fund tomorrow, do you really think they would just give you $10 Mil and put you in front of a computer to see what happens? No, you would get trained by a mentor who worked there. A professional trader.

If you train one on one with me, you will have a mentor and professional trader who you will work with for the next three months! I will teach you everything I have learned over the last 40 years of trading. I

n addition, I will support you, guide you, and be available for you to ask questions via email over the next three months (in real time too). This kind of support is unheard of in this industry but is sorely needed. I know firsthand, as my trading result were all over the board until I received training from a professional trader. Afterward, I not only started winning at trading but for the first time in my life, it was enjoyable. It was an amazing experience to actually trade without anxiety or fear for the first time in my life.

Tired of trying to make money with Iron Condors, Synthetics, etc? Try directional trading where we go long in a Bull Market and buy calls for leverage to maximize profit.

So stop looking for the next indicator, the next seminar, the next chat room, or the Holy Grail you know doesn’t exist, and get on with the business of trading for a living! I teach traders first how to day trade, followed by swing trading if they choose. You can make 10 – 20 times more money as a swing trader, but you must identify the type of trading style that fits your personality, and possibly your work schedule. So our training is built around where you are currently in life. And the worst thing you can do is try to learn swing trading until you have the timing skills of a day trader. Only then can you make the decision as the whether swing trading is right for you. At Stock Option Coach we believe in creating a successful lifestyle along with generating profits!

For those of you who really want to succeed at trading, come experience a new way to trade using a simple, repeatable method to analyze charts that will produce profitable setups.  

After you learn this methodology you will never look at a chart the same way again. You will be able in 10 seconds or less to decide whether to buy, sell, or do nothing with any stock, index, or futures chart you look at. I strongly believe there are no bad traders, just untrained traders who lack the methodology and the discipline to be successful at this amazing game.

Tired of spending hours analyzing charts at night only to see the opposite happen the next day? 

If all that analysis and daily scanners worked for traders, you would not be looking at this site. And 90% of traders would not lose money. But they do. Try something new where I teach you how to follow the market by following price action, and how to take profitable setups in real-time with strict risk management.

Human nature has us always trying to re-invent the wheel and as such we over complicate almost everything. But it doesn’t help you trade successfully!

Learn to master the technical side as well as the mental side and put on trades in a relaxed, easy manner without stress. Believe it or not, this is actually possible, and this method is easy to learn and can be applied to day trading, swing trading, and all other time frames.